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About 01ism



01ism was founded by Japan's young genius block chain engineer "JUN KAWASAKI".


01ism is a block chain platform type religious corporation that allows new people awakened to spiritually to start


"their own religion" without being bound by religion, doctrine, dogma.



About 369sect Inter Astral Shamanism Association ( IASA )



The Inter Astral Shamanism Association (IASA) is an association established in 369sect on 01ism

by Ayahuasca Shaman Miroku based in Okinawa Prefecture.


In the Astral dimension, our conscious dimension, we have the idea that all beings are practicing prayer of shamanism,

shamans all over the world exceeds every separation and prays to oneness in Okinawa

We are doing activities.


We are an association by volunteer Shaman who opens esoteric ceremonies using medicine which can be used within the law, including Ayahuasca and some medicine.